Amazon Web Services (AWS), the premier sponsor for the EasyA Consensus Hackathon, enables builders, across startups to enterprises, to bring their Web3 products and solutions to life by leveraging AWS’ infrastructure, fully-managed services, segment-specific solutions, and third-party offerings. To support and accelerate your development efforts during the hackathon, AWS is pleased to present resources in the from of on-site support from blockchain experts, solution blueprints, and curated development resources for project teams to build on AWS for Web3 solutions. AWS is also thrilled to offer $150,000 USD in AWS credits for hackathon track winners and finalists! Refer to additional details below for more information. Happy hacking!

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📣 Presentation - Accelerating Web3 Development with AWS

<aside> 💡 Join Web3 Solution Architect leaders from AWS as they share insights on harnessing the power of AWS services and solutions to build next-generation Web3 products.

Date: Wednesday, May 29th Time: 4:35 - 5:20 PM Location: Austin Convention Center, Ballroom D, 4th Floor


Session Abstract:

Building decentralized applications (dApps) and Web3 solutions can be complex and time-consuming. Developers often face challenges around blockchain infrastructure, data pipelines, and scalable frontends.

In this session, the AWS Web3 team will showcase services and solutions to help accelerate development workflows. We'll demonstrate how AWS can simplify common Web3 tasks - from spinning up blockchain nodes to secure key management. We'll also dive into end-to-end solutions for verticals like DeFi and NFTs, leveraging AWS services to address pain points.

Throughout, we'll provide deployable code, architecture diagrams, and other resources as springboards. The AWS team will be on hand to offer further assistance and answer questions. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how AWS can accelerate their Web3 development and practical next steps to apply these learnings.

Meet the Speakers:

AWS Speakers

☁️ Relevant AWS Resources & Technical Material

AWS supports builders in developing Web3 products and applications via fully-managed services, solutions, and third-party offerings. Accelerate the development of your project by leveraging relevant AWS solutions and guidance outlined below:

AWS Web3 Relevant Services

AWS Service Description Provides public blockchains nodes for Ethereum, Polygon (Preview) and Bitcoin Provides serverless access to standardized, multi-blockchain datasets for Ethereum and Bitcoin with developer-friendly APIs Create isolated compute environments to protect and securely process highly sensitive data Create and control keys used to encrypt or digitally sign data Implement secure, frictionless customer identity and access management that scales!4422!3!651751060764!e!!g!!aws amplify!19852662236!145019201417 A complete set of tools to build, ship and host full-stack applications

AWS Solutions, Blueprints, and Guidance

Resource Type - Easily deploy self-managed blockchain nodes within your AWS account with support for, and Deployable Blueprint
AWS Nitro Enclaves for secure blockchain key management - / / Solution Guidance / Blog Solution Guidance Getting Started Video Solution Guidance Session Video Session Video

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